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About us

“You will know us by our shoes…”

Our creed is simple: for us shoes are the basis of a good outfit. They represent the personal touch of an overall styling and get across an important and special message.
Besides being unique in their design and colour pattern, the shoes we make appeal to the heart and embrace the feet with the comfort of their orthopaedic sole, and the fact that we only use real leather and rubber for our products. Regular, ankle-high or built-up, different in print and colour pattern, our shoes are inspired by the new tendencies in fashion, so that wearing them puts you literally in step with those tendencies. Among our partners are popular fashion brands such as Love Made Love and 29 Desires, for which we create shoes that match and complement their clothes collections.
We believe that tedium, routine and clichés can easily be avoided in one step only…or two…with 2ti and Voin.
2ti and Voin: sneakers for all who want to break free from the clutches of daily drudgery
2ti and Voin: sneakers for little, big and bigger girls and boys, available in sizes 26 to 46 ( European), 1 to 12 (UK),……(USA)
2ti and Voin: sneakers for party marathons, meetings with friends, travelling, walking in the park, going to school or to the office, shopping and even for funky weddings
2ti and Voin: sneakers for trendsetters, fashion provocateurs, broad-minded people with a sense of humour, and shoe fetishists.
Walk your old shoes to our showroom, and we’ll make sure that you go home in new ones, made especially for you. You can find us in downtown “Lozenetz” in Sofia city, at 50 ”Chervena Stena” Street, where we co-habit happily with the brands of Dilyana Popova and 29 Desires.